What is the GCIEA Awards?

The Ghana Chamber of Construction Industry (GhCCI) presents the 2021 Ghana Construction Industry Excellence Awards (GCIEA) which offers 50 most distinguished Awards for practitioners in the following categories; Manufacturing Sector, Engineers, Architects, Consultants, Building Contractors, Road Contractors, Planners, Electrical Contractors, Surveyors, Real Estate Developers, Insurance Companies, Financial
Sector, Artisans, CEOs, TVET Institutions, Donor Partners and others. This GCIEA is the maiden edition being organized by GhCCI and will be graced by President of the Republic of Ghana; H. E, Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo with the objective of recognizing outstanding performances in the Construction Sector and their contributions to the growth of the economy of Ghana as a whole.


The awards is targeted towards rewarding publicly most distinguished Companies, Institutions, Teams and Individuals operating in the sector to demonstrate to the awardees and the general public that hard work and excellence are respected and encouraged in the industry. It also seeks to serve as a standard for all practitioners to aim at, which cumulatively, will improve the quality of production and increase productivity as a whole.

The GCIEA is designed to be both independent and inclusive. Nominations will be received from membership of the various categories by a Selection Committee (SC) set up by GhCCI. The SC will vet the nominees by a criteria developed to select the deserving awardees. The awardees will be ranked in each sector for approval by the Executive Committee of GhCCI before the final list is announced. The awardees will be communicated to in advance to enable them prepare and be present at the ceremony to receive the awards.

In order to retain its appeal and glamour, it is decided that GCIEA will be held yearly interval until further review that the vetting criteria could be amended to include issues of situational relevance.

The Awards have a range of categories suited for any of the Institutions, Groups, Associations, Companies, etc. to tell their success stories; The categories cut across Outstanding Leadership Award, Construction Group of companies of the year, Promising Construction Group of companies of the year, Manufacturing in Construction Services Company of the Year, Best Infrastructure Development Bank of the Year, Construction Equipment Supplier of The Year, Construction Company of the Year, Construction Woman of Excellence Award, Best Infrastructure Minister of the Year, Development Partners of the Year, CSR Company of the Year, Local Content Award, General Insurance Company of the Year, and many more industry specific awards.

Criteria for Selection of Nominees​

A Nominee must have the following general qualifications:
1) Must be a registered Member of the Institution/Association.
2) Must be in good standing of the Institution/Association, including being up to date with all the obligations of the Institution/Association. 3) Must have been a Member not less than ten (10) years in good standing.
4) Must be actively participating in activities of the body including participating in CPD, Annual Conferences, Social Engagements, etc.
5) Must stand out as a worthy ambassador of the body. 6) Must have served or being performing special functions such as serving on Boards of Institutions, being resource persons at body’s Conferences/ Training programs.

Some Specific Criteria


a) Contributed any special funding to the growth of the Institution/Association or Construction Industry at large.
b) Sponsored local or foreign trip of member(s) of Association
c) Contributed financially during the development of office of the body and/or paid rent advance at the time of renting office
d) Contributed in financing any project of the body
e) or any such significant contribution made


a) Does his/her work have any special qualities that is recognized nationwide
b) Has he/she built or contributed to national stock and/or added knew ideas/knowledge as long as Construction Sector of the economy is so concern.
c) Size of employees if operates a firm
d) Equipment value (if possible)
e) Is he visible in terms of roles at national level
f) Has he being involved in the execution of any national project
g) Etc


a) Has he/she been Executive Member
b) What impact did he make as Executive member
c) Has he/she contributed to the growth of the Institution/Association in terms of numbers and promoting the image of the body
d) Has he/she mentored young members of society
e) Has he served in any organizational capacity as Chairman /member of Conference Planning Committee(local or international) etc
f) Any special or exceptional leadership qualities possessed,
g) etc


a) Has he/she represented the Institution/Association at the national level in presenting papers
b) Has he/she represented the Institution/Association at the international level in presenting papers
c) Has he/she represented the Institution in any capacity at any local and/or international professional body
d) Has he/she been involved in local or international exhibition either privately of on behalf of the Institution/Association
e) Is he/she in any National position where he has been defending or projecting the interest of the Institution/Association or Construction Industry?
f) etc

Service and loyalty

a) How serviceable has he/she been to the Institution/Association or Construction Industry
b) How available has he/she been when needed to serve in any capacity to the Institution/Association
c) He/she has voluntarily been funding his/her services to the Institution/Association
d) Is he/she ready to share his/her knowledge, expertise with Members or Industry Players?
e) Etc.

Nomination Form for Consideration of the Deserving Candidate